Full Service Foods
Box 336
Hillsboro,  ND   58045

Hillsboro, ND Facility

Our location in Hillsboro, ND provides cost effective access to transportation routes.  With our longevity in the community we also have great access to a quality workforce.  Our facility is over 9,000 square feet total with about 5
,000 square feet of on-site warehouse space as well as low cost storage available within the area.  We also have a 600 sqare foot refrigerated storage area and 200 square feet of frozen storage available.  We have about 4,000 square feet of processing area for our cooked process and cold mix area.  Cooked sauce capability is supported by multiple 100 gallon kettles that each have dual agitation to ensure even heat application.  An integrated product handling system enables quick pack of finished product as well as clean-in-place capability.  Mixed sauces are supported by 2 different high speed blenders with similar food grade pumps for product handling.  Our packaging lines are very flexible to support less than truckload quantities while still maintaining efficient throughput.

Quality Systems

Full Service Foods has maintained a high quality reputation with our customers, end users, and all professional audit services within our industry.  Continuous Improvement is part of our business culture.  We have a registered Acidified Food Processor on staff as is required to ensure that low acid foods maintain their quality through all shelf stable conditions.  Although the final product formulation is the customer's responsiblity, Full Service Foods has resources available to work closely with you to ensure the formulations are stable and can be consistently produced.  Complete process logs are maintained and traceability exists in the event that a specific ingredient needs to be identified.  Full Service Foods also supports HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) Analysis as is also required in our industry.  Our procedures and practices are well documented and we invite you to come to our Hillsboro, ND facility for a plant visit to observe our capabilities first hand.